Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can seriously affect our health and wellbeing. Whether it is inside homes, hospitals, schools or offices, effective ventilation systems guarantee removal of excess moisture and airborne pollutants, leaving a clean and fresh air environment. As energy resources become scarcer, regulations become tighter and the awareness of the environment issues relentlessly increases. Hence, the importance of well-specified ventilation systems. Moreover, in the light of the current coronavirus pandemic, it is now crucial to improve ventilation in order to prevent and minimise the spread of coronavirus in indoor spaces.

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Core Distribution partners with manufacturer Airflow to supply the all-Ireland market. Along with Airflow’s innovative and versatile ventilation systems, Core’s proficient technical expertise and optimal local distribution guarantee expert application advice and guidance to suit your installation needs and schedule.

Dan Fisher and Adrian McGarrity, Managing Directors of respectively Core Distribution Ireland and Core Distribution Northern Ireland, confirm, “We have worked with Airflow for over 10 years and have experienced a growing success on our respective markets. The outstanding quality of the products combined with the services provided by Core have been key in expanding this success. For example, we can help you select the correct type of fan for your installation requirements.

Stylish and easy to install, the range of residential extractor fans you get from us comply with the stringent requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001 while providing you with value for money.

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