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Unique innovative and cost-effective office solutions from Core.

From underfloor to desktop, we offer innovative systems to efficiently power and organise offices, along with market-leading distribution and premium support services to help you meet your targets and add value to your project.

With many global multinational as well as local company office projects behind us, we understands the need for flexible solutions which can bring an efficient, reliable and secure power to users’ desks. We partner with top European manufacturers to supply electrical products, backed by proficient services which help you meet your needs.

Quality underfloor to desk systems

We capitalise on our comprehensive range of high quality and flexible products to create stylish and dynamic spaces without compromising on performance. Keeping ahead of trends, we use technology and innovative designs to improve workspaces. We supply both standard ranges for general uses and bespoke products for specific infrastructure requirements.

CMD Ltd – versatile range of products including underfloor busbar, floor boxes, desk power modules and ergonomics and cable management solutions. The power modules display innovative features such as 4A USB charging ports which allow for fast charge, 5A USB and wireless induction charging, electric sit/stand station, etc. The latest designs (Surface, Inca and Reveal) can be purchased made to order to the customer’s specification.

Cableduct – flexible floor boxes ideal for high-end applications (private house market, hotel and office reception areas). Fully bespoke, there offer infinite possibilities to the options that can be required to meet the need of a project. From delicate floor finishes (e.g. wooden or ceramic tile) to stainless steel outlet plates and including reinforced lid for car showrooms and other heavy-duty applications, the quality and flexibility of these products are second-to-none!

5-year extended ‘Jigsaw Warranty’

Quality products from CMD are designed to stand the test of time. This is why Core and CMD have introduced a new ‘Jigsaw Warranty’, which offers up to 5-year extended warranty for any product bought as part of a system package (underfloor power connected to under desk module connected to in / on / through desk module).

When, in a same project, the underfloor to desktop system consists exclusively of CMD products then the 5-year extended warranty is applicable. This gives extra piece of mind to all parties involved in and post project that it will benefit from the best equipment and reliable customer service in the long run. It also gives assurance that an installation has a system which consists of products made to the same standards. A unique initiative in the industry!

Unique modular designs

We have developed unique cost-efficient solutions to wire office spaces, which saves on time and material, and reduces waste, errors and risks.

Combining plug & play modular wiring components with our office systems, we can fit a project from underfloor to desktop using all pre-wired and pre-tested certified and warranted material. This system is much easier and quicker to install than the traditional hardware, and is provided with all necessary drawings.

Premium support services

Our success originates from our proactivity in going further to provide an excellent customer service.

We provide premium services such as commercial and project management support, design and engineering assistance, technical back-up, and logistic expertise to organise a streamlined delivery of the material. These make a huge difference and our customers praise our ability to support them on every step of their project, knowing their wants and needs and taking the hard work out to allow them focus on their core business.

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