The power behind progress

Regardless of the size of a project, time remains the most critical factor and that is why our value engineering solutions are so essential. We design, engineer and commission intelligent systems  to enable a more efficient distribution and utilisation of the power.

Combining innovative technologies and extensive expertise, our system solutions reduce the installation time and costs drastically, and allow for future expansion in line with the client’s needs. They work in synergy with each other and through building management systems to offer complete solutions ready to fit in the building.
Through our systems engineering activity, we give the end-user and the consultant engineer the capacity to design a building around their own tailored requirements and future needs.

To offer our clients and customers the best technical team to support their project solutions, we have created a support company, Built Enviro Engineering Limited, to provide the following services:

  • Design
  • Consultancy
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • After Sales Support

High value engineering

We have an extensive technical expertise in creating integrated systems for modern settings, based on technologies such as flat cable & modular wiring, general lighting, emergency lighting and protocol systems. Our engineers analyse your needs and create unique designs compliant with all standards (BS / EU) and certifications (LEED / BREEAM) that are made to optimise and control the distribution of the power in the facilities.

Intelligent systems

Plug & play products and interface combined with a smart streamlined delivery on-site and a solid know-how: our systems are designed to save up to 70% on installation / labour costs, by speeding up the install, and drastically reducing risks & waste. They are also easier to maintain and to reconfigure for lasting installation.

Commissioning & maintenance

Electrical systems are required to pass regular controls and present the relevant certificates. As system designer and exclusive distributor, we are the best qualified to take care of your electrical installation and ensure its compliance and safety.

Sustainable power

Our system offer meets the principles of a Lean project delivery: reduced waste of time, resources and human potential; added value with flexibility for reconfiguration and on-going support; continuous improvement with a commissioning & maintenance service available; optimisation of the process and flow from lower risks and exertion for the workers. Overall, a more efficient project and a future-proof and reliable electrical installation.

Premium support

We supply fully tested, certified and traceable systems. We also assist you throughout the whole project lifespan with a proficient technical back-up facility, providing full operative training and on-site supervision. And as part of our turnkey service we also help you with the project management and offer constant back-office support.

Our systems engineering solutions include:

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