The power behind progress

Our high-value engineering solutions drastically improve installation times and reduce costs and waste, saving up to 70% on installation and labour costs.

We achieve this by offering products, including plug-and-play solutions, that meet the principles of ‘Lean Construction’ and provide a quick and cost-effective installation process.

To provide the above services while offering our clients and customers the best technical team to support their project solutions, we have created a support company, Built Enviro Engineering Limited.

Built Enviro Engineering is part of the Core Electrical Group and is managed by Mr. Dominic Delaney.


Working on a partnership approach, our engineers analyse your needs and create unique solutions that are compliant with all standards and certifications, including LEED/BREEAM.

Through intelligent designs and superior products, our systems can save up to 70% on installation times /labour costs, as well as drastically eliminating risks and waste.

These low-maintenance solutions also reduce the lifetime cost of the project and the flexible design allows for future expansion in line with the client’s needs.

Thanks to our bespoke systems that are also easier to maintain and reconfigure, you are ensured a reliable, future-proofed solution.


Our fully tested, certified, traceable and commissionable systems are complemented by our technical back-up facility. Our sales support services, include operative training and on-site supervision. This support is on offer throughout the lifespan of the whole project.


To ensure optimum performance, compliance and warranty guarantees are met, our engineers will fully commission every system.


As system designers and exclusive distributors, we are the best people qualified to take care of your electrical installation and ensure its compliance and safety.

Our systems engineering solutions include:

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