Flexible and Future-Proof Smart Buildings

Contemporary buildings are expected to meet stringent requirements such as energy efficiency, user comfort and safety. In fact, to reach these expectations and still achieve cost-effective programmes can sometimes be a bit of a headache.
Using KNX building automation systems helps commercial and industrial buildings significantly reduce building energy and maintenance costs.

KNX system technology

KNX systems offer a big plus in convenience, economy and security.

KNX system technology

A building’s operational functions – including lighting (see our intelligent DALI lighting control solutions>), shade, heating & air conditioning, surveillance & security, multimedia – and multimedia functions are networked together and controlled centrally with the KNX building automation system technology.

The visualisation and evaluation of energy consumption, the Smart Metering, can also be implemented easily with KNX technology.

Ultimately for users this means a convenient and flexible form of building technology which is customised to meet individual needs.


The use of an intelligent building automation system drastically optimise the installation, enabling savings on installation costs. Besides, it delivers a maximum degree of flexibility and comfort and a minimum of expenditure.


To effectively safeguard the infrastructure against hacker attacks, in a professional installation, measures should be taken at the hardware and software levels. The basis of every security concept is the isolation of the system against unauthorised access.

Smart KNX systems from JUNG

We partner with JUNG to provide you with high-performance KNX building automation solutions which considerably speed up the installation and help you achieve LEED / BREEAM best practice environmental certifications.

The JUNG systems form the skilful bridge between future-proof building technology and aesthetic design “Made in Germany”.

Premium support services

Engineering support

We work closely with consulting engineers to help design bespoke KNX building automation solutions which ensure compliance and meet the client’s requirements.

Integration and commissioning services are available through our sister company Built Enviro Engineering Ltd.

Project management and logistics

In addition, we also define a logistical time frame that suits the electrical contractor’s needs and programme in order to organise streamlined deliveries on site.

CPD seminars and technical support

Ours and our partner’s expertise is always available as a resource to consultant engineers and designers through a series of CPD seminars which have been assessed against best practice guidelines and / or are accredited by CIBSE.

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