Distributing the power in a building is the backbone of any electrical installation. It is therefore essential to install an efficient and reliable system that guarantees performance and comfort for the final users. 
With this in mind Core offer quality flexible systems, along with our project management, advice and design services, to deliver turnkey solutions that suit the needs of both the clients and the contractors.

Our Expertise

We know that ensuring the efficiency and continuity of the services is critical in modern environments. With twenty-year experience in underfloor power up our sleeve we are able to offer full advice on products and to develop solutions that meet all the safety and regulation standards.

From general uses to specific infrastructure requiring important mechanical strength, we offer a range of solutions to suit all installation requirements and guarantee efficient access to power, data and multimedia connections.

Products & Systems

To provide the best solution in every situation we have a wide range offering value and versatility in every application. Underfloor trunking, busbar, grommets, access floor boxes and accessories can all be adapted to different layouts, floor type, depth, usages and services. 

Trunking, busbar, floor boxes and grommets from CMD are perfectly suited for general use in Commercial and Offices environments. They are designed to be easy and fast to install over traditional cabling systems with no requirement for cable trays and complicated terminations. They come with a wide selection of accessories to suit every underfloor power requirement.

Our range of specialised floor boxes from Cableduct is particularly adapted where the floor has to carry additional load strength or for particular surfacing. Products are tailored to your specific requirements while meeting all the standards and ensure efficient access to the services. 

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