High-performance, functional and elegant lighting systems combined with the CORE expertise and premium services are now available to the Northern Ireland market!

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Our Expertise

Capitalising on our high-value engineering expertise and extensive experience of the industry, we create reliable energy-efficient lighting solutions for the fitting of outdoor spaces. Combined with the best offer in LED technology systems, also featuring superior functional and aesthetic qualities, these solutions are guaranteed to be energy-efficient, easy to install and cost-efficient. As part of our premium service we can services such as a full sport pitch design service, full technical support, installation training, project management, streamlined material supply, as well as commissioning, integration and maintenance services.

Products & Systems

The best in LED technology
Gewiss translates brilliant design ideas into products denoted by superior functional and aesthetic qualities. At the heart of their savoir-faire is an advanced LED technology which allows for an energy-efficient power. It is based on a high-performing optical system, essential to manage the potential offered by LED sources. Pure Italian designs, quality materials and high-standard fittings come together into efficient and reliable solutions that are easy to install and benefit from a 5-year extended warranty for peace of mind.

Versatile systems for outdoor areas
The LED lighting systems available from CORE include architectural & aluminium floodlights, residential / urban decorative devices, street lighting, and modular flush mounting elements for the wall and ground.

  • Street applications: innovative, energy efficient and aesthetic solutions for public and private streets, motorways, pedestrianised zones, roundabouts…
  • Urban applications: lighting installations that maximise the efficiency and offer pleasant designs for any type of urban and extra-urban roads, parks & gardens, car parks…
  • Sports applications: modular and versatile floodlights designed to offer performance, simplified installation, reduced maintenance and top energy savings in both simple and complex areas such as stadiums & arenas, high-masts, airports, docks & harbours…