Modern installations require cable management solutions that are efficient, easy to install, and assure a safe and reliable power to the final users.
At Core, we are aware of the challenges faced on projects – to deliver high-quality results on tighter deadlines and at the best value. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive solution of steel containment systems.

Our Expertise

Our Steel Containment & Bracketry Solutions are designed and delivered to help you drastically reduce the total installation cost while guaranteeing a flexible and high-performance installation.

We provide bespoke solutions to route, connect, support and protect cables in internal and aggressive environments. Our offer includes standard and fire rated systems which all meet European and British standards. We create designs or analyse and improve existing ones, adding engineering value to the solution. We also supply quality innovative systems and support you at every stage of the install.

Combining our expertise in metal cable management with our flat cable or modular wiring systems, we are able to create even more efficient solutions, reducing the installed costs up to 70%.

Products & Systems

Our cable routing and cable support systems are the best currently available on the market. We partner with OBO Bettermann to guarantee you access to the best products on the market.

Our steel containment ranges offer products that are strong, incredibly fast and simple to assemble and reassemble. 

The cable tray and basket ranges feature snap-in coupling systems that require no accessories or tools, offering flexibility, huge time saving and high-performance. Tested in accordance with DIN 4102 Part 12 standards they are approved for the support of fire alarm and life safety cable systems.

The bracket system comes pre-fabricated and once installed, enables you to side load both the containment and cables, and is re-adjustable. As baskets and trays snap together vertically, a length can be de-coupled easily without disruption to the containment and brackets around it. A far more flexible process than traditional brackets!

Core have been the first to introduce and generalise this plug & go technology into the Irish market.

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