At Core, we take safety seriously. We hold an advanced knowledge of the regulations applicable in this area and have the engineering expertise to develop life safety systems.

Emergency systems are a compulsory element of any facilities, to guide the safe egress of the building on the event of a main power failure. Their installation must comply with strict regulations to ensure users’ safety. The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), the British Standards (BS) and various other EU standards set out the requirements that apply for all the different building types.

Our Expertise

We assist clients in the design of innovative solutions and supply emergency lighting systems in compliance with ICEL, BS and EN regulations to incorporate within the electrical installation. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to select and advise a solution that is suitable to your project while our engineering expertise ensures you a professional, speedy response to all your technical queries with a hands-on approach to your requirements. 

We provide facility for programming and addressing emergency luminaires as well as for commissioning and testing the systems.

We can improve the efficiency of a lifesaving system by combining it with a Flat Cable or Modular Wiring System.

Products & Systems

We offer self-testing emergency lighting and signage from manufacturer P4. All our products are rigorously tested and fully compliant with current regulations.

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