Hospitals, laboratories and other health centres are environments in which it is critical to guarantee users’ safety as well as their physical and mental wellbeing. Equipment must be equipped with specific services and protected from microbial and/or bacterial contamination to preserve sterilised zones. The electrical power must be reliable at any time not to put at risk patients relying on machines for their vital needs.
Core has developed a range of solutions dedicated to medical installations where hygiene is a priority.

Our Expertise

We are specialised in providing cable management systems with integral antimicrobial properties that prevent the spread of infections and diseases. These systems are made to specific requirements to fit in any necessary services such as medical gas, power or data sockets, telecoms, nurse calls, wiring accessories and lighting. They provide first class screening performance and antimicrobial protection.

One of our priorities is to provide a solution that fit perfectly in the modern hospital design and contribute to improving the patient’s surroundings.

Products & Systems

Marshall-Tufflex’s BIO antimicrobial trunking range is available both in PVC-U, which is light weight for easy installation and maintenance, and aluminium, which comes with multiple compartments allowing LSOH containment for wiring, gas and air services. They ensure that 99.9% of harmful bacteria do not infect the surface.

We work with Beacon Medaes, the leader in medical gas systems, to provide bedhead trunking and headwalls for healthcare environments. With a wide range of coloured finishes, any decor may be complemented, integrating modern appearance with a compact and efficient delivery of services for an aesthetically advanced concept. Units are pre-tested, pre-piped and pre-wired, reducing the clutter and disruption of installing a multitude of services around the patient space.

Healthcare Projects

St. James’s Hospital, Dublin

Bon Secours Private Hospital, Dublin

St. Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin

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