At Core, we provide you with cable management solutions that ensure a fast and easy installation, for a power that is protected, runs efficiently and is adequately accessible to users.

Efficiently routing and supporting cables within the facility’s structure ensures that users access a safe and high-performance power and data communications network. The ever increasing performance levels of data networks has made cable management even more complex. Whilst it is essential to ensure performance of the current installation, it is also critical to anticipate the evolution of capacity requirements and offer enough flexibility to allow future reconfiguration.

Our Expertise

Choosing an integrated solution for your electrical installation is fundamental to achieving a beautifully executed project at reduced costs and reduced labour time, and overall reduced troubles.

Relying on forty years of experience in Cable Management, Core has developed a complete range featuring high quality products at competitive prices. Our proficiency enables us to support you during the whole project, adding value to your installation.

Products & Systems

All our products are suitable for use in modern constructions and compliant with the current standards and regulations. They are made to be easy to install while offering high-performance and quality.
We work with best-in-class manufacturers on a sole distribution basis. This guarantees products made from premium material, innovative and sustainable producing methods and regular product upgrades and developments. 

We’ve been partnering with Marshall-Tufflex for many years. The brand is well known for manufacturing quality and innovative products. They have an extensive expertise in extruding PVC with injection-moulding techniques, and use lead-free recycled PVC sourced from Window Manufacturers.

Our range of PVC-U perimeter trunking has fire-rated, data compliant and EMI protection options and is available in a choice of height, size, designs, colours, cable capacities, numbers of compartments and materials to suit all applications. 

PVC-U trunking is ideal for general use and transportation of data communication and power cabling; aluminium suits areas that need a mechanically robust trunking or where a high quality of screening performance is required. We also offer specific ranges for hazardous and medical or sterilised environments.

Other cable management products include powerpoles & powerposts, supertubes, bench units, trunking accessories, PVC trays.

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