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Are you looking for a wiring solution to save time, labour and costs on your project? Our modular wiring and flat cable systems can help you be more efficient and save up to 70% on your installation costs, while dramatically reducing risks and waste on site. 

Construction programmes dictate that electrical installations are undertaken efficiently and in the least possible time. Installations need to be readily adaptable and offer a high degree of flexibility. We offer reliability, flexibility and excellent customer service.


We work with Woertz (flat cables) and Wieland Electric (modular wiring) to provide you with flexible, secure and economical systems.

Modular wiring is a pre-fabricated wiring system that is simply ‘plug and play’ from the distribution board to the furthest point on every circuit.

  • Cost certainty
  • Easy error free faster install
  • Prefabricated = pre-tested
  • Infinite flexibility
  • Zero wastage
  • Space saving

Flat cable are highly secured and compliant systems which allow:

  • efficient planning and fast error-free installation.
  • low-loss, reliable connections.
  • long life with option on subsequent amendments / extensions.
  • compatibility with upstream and downstream systems and new technologies.
  • optimum price / performance ratio in relation to overall installation and service life.

Our services


We cater for all aspects of a buildings wiring requirements including: standard switching, PIR detection, Lighting Control, KNX & DALI.

Working closely on the design with consulting engineers, and on a logistical time frame that suits electrical contractors’ needs, we have developed cost-effective and reliable modular wiring and flat cable solutions to meet the market’s demand.

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