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Facing the need to reach environmental and comfort objectives, today’s modern buildings must be equipped with efficient and intelligent management systems. This is why Core supplies smart lighting control and building management solutions that allow for optimised energy efficiency and provide total flexibility to the users. Convenience and performance in one touch!


Intelligent, scalable and modular, our lighting control systems and modules combine comprehensive central management and monitoring of the installation with powerful local user control.

Connected lighting management

Lighting control systems from Delmatic are built on open protocols which enable controllers from multiple manufacturers to share network architecture and respond to open protocol messages from shared devices. They offer an intuitive, individual control through a large range of devices to enable users to manage and adjust lighting to suit their preferences and task (touchpanels, touchpads, scene-set panels, Apps, IP-phones and web browsers). The integration of open systems provides energy-efficient control of lighting, HVAC and blinds and seamlessly joins products from various manufacturers and disciplines to optimise building operation.

How do you like your DALI?
Delmatic are acknowledged leaders in the supply of DALI lighting control systems and offer an extensive range of DALI control modules as well as DALI sensors, devices and peripherals. Regarding the degree of flexibility required and the type of electrical installation within each area, we can help you select a DALI module that will optimise control and minimise addressing.


Modular building automation

Wieland Electric is the market leader for pluggable installation technology in buildings. The benefits of the “plug & play” principle apply everywhere and the gesis® system components are pre-assembled and tested with Wieland’s automated equipment. Everything fits perfectly and is simply plugged together on site. gesis® is the standard for safe and error-free installation in modern buildings.

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Connectivity and flexibility

We have an extensive experience in integrating advanced lighting control systems into solutions that meet the highest requirements. We work with open protocols – such as DALI, KNX, Lon or BACnet – to offer customers seamlessly integrated systems with every degree of control flexibility, for every source and every application. The interoperability achieved with open protocols allows for major energy savings, cuts capital costs, reduces installation costs and achieves operational savings over the life of the building.

With the use of the DALI technology, we are able to create versatile solutions that suit various applications and systems, and easily blend with other open protocols such as Lon or BACnet. We evaluate the requirements together with you (layout, application, addressing, monitoring, etc.) to recommend the most optimal DALI approach. Always at the forefront of technologies, we believe that innovations such as biodynamic controls, zero power, solar response, smart control systems, can help you reach efficiently both energy savings and user comfort objectives.

Pluggable energy efficiency

When it comes to building automation systems, the installation architecture and its functionality must be as quick to modify as the rapidly changing usage requirements. We offer efficient and cost-saving solutions, combining flexible protocol systems with modular designs to allow a decentralised building automation via plug & play that is easy to engineer and easy to install.

Turnkey service

From design through delivery, handover and commissioning, we coordinate each stage of the project right to its successful completion. We assist designers and consultant engineers in accurately integrating advanced lighting controls and building automation systems into sustainable designs that comply with current regulations and standards (BREAAM, LEED). We work with electrical contractors to timely deliver a fully operational system and ensure smooth running of the installation right through to commissioning and maintenance

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