• omagh-hospital

Core prescribes ground-breaking approach
for high-profile hospital trust

Project info

  • Project name: Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex
  • City: Omagh, co Tyrone, Northern Ireland
  • Client: Western Health and Social Care Trust
  • Electrical consultant: WYG
  • Electrical contractor: Dowds Group
  • Category: Specialised Emergency Systems; Flat Cables & Modular Wiring
  • Branch: Core (NI)

The story

The Omagh Hospital and Primary Care Complex is a critical project for the region – it is to provide its inhabitants with local access to a range of important healthcare services, advanced diagnostic services and modern GP facilities.

The solution

Committed to a two-and-a-half-year project with the consultant, WYG, and the contractor, Dowds Group, Core assisted in the design, engineered and supplied a cutting-edge self-addressed emergency lighting solution coupled with a modular wiring system.

It is a major safety stipulation to assure the security of a whole building in case of electrical fault. A requirement that Core exceeded thanks to its modular system working independently from the general lighting system. Complying with ICEL, BS 5266, EN 62034 life safety regulations it provides confidence that the solution meets all specifications and standards. 

The modular design incorporates the use of Wieland plugs / cables coupled with Woertz master spine flat cables, in a bespoke “plug&play” system that is easy to install and to reconfigure. The lifesaving lighting system is designed with latest P4 FASTELINK System and self-testing addressable lighting products – key to the automatic monitoring and recording process. 

Core provided training and hand-over to a local engineer as well as ongoing local technical backup and support as needed by customer and client. 

The success

This project has proven very successful for all the parties involved. Utilising pre-tested modular wiring components with pre-wired emergency luminaires provided the contractor with a quick cost-effective installation (reduced install / labour costs) while maintaining the integrity of the system and massively reducing human error for a safe reliable environment.

This solution is also low maintenance and easy to adapt and expand to future needs (additional or replaceable fittings and spare cables held locally in our Belfast and Dublin warehouses), offering flexibility, low maintenance costs and peace of mind to the final user. 

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