Core processes a high-performance power system to ensure
data security in one of
Europe’s largest Data Centres

Project info

  • Project name: Microsoft Data Centre
  • City: Dublin, Ireland
  • Client: Microsoft
  • Electrical consultant: Ethos Engineering
  • Electrical contractor: Mercury Engineering
  • Category: Flat Cables & Modular Wiring; Metal Cable Containment
  • Branch: Core (ROI)

The story

Experiencing an exponential demand for their online services and an increased use of cloud storage applications, the software giant has decided to expand its facilities in Ireland since 2007. For Microsoft, data centres are critical facilities that require data security and constancy.

The solution

Core supplied a metal cable management solution to carry power and data throughout the Data Centre facilities, using OBO Betterman Magic Basket. We designed and provided a complete Modular Wiring system, based on Wieland’s products, that distributes power and Dali Control to all lighting fittings.

The success

Offering a state-of-the-art, extremely flexible and reliable system, we served the contractor with an unrivalled labour saving and cost-efficient solution. With a powerful and reliable power supply, the Data Centre is able to protect the safety of critical data and ensure their customers efficient access to services.