For more than 25 years, P4 limited has designed and manufactured self-testing emergency lighting and signage. All their products are rigorously tested and fully compliant with current regulations. They provide valuable illumination of escape routes and direct people out of premises in the event of a failure of the normal lighting.
They are the UK’s largest independent self-testing emergency lighting specialists. Their success and continued growth is based on continuous innovation, exceptional service and a total focus on providing the most cost effective, reliable and compliant emergency lighting solution for all premises.

At the heart of P4’s commitment to excellence, is the desire to ensure the safety of any persons facing hazardous situations and needing the benefit of the very best emergency lighting.
Fastel (Fully Automatic Self-Testing Emergency Lighting) pioneered by P4 over 25 years ago, is recognised by the industry as the most robust, reliable and cost-effective system in emergency lighting. This is cutting-edge technology which drives behavioural change. It is flexible, easy to install and even easier to operate. It also ensures you are compliant with all the latest industry standards.