For over 25 years IBL Lighting has been recognised as pioneers in the development of electronic lighting equipment. Today IBL are still dedicated to the continuous development of their products: to embody the latest technology; to enhance quality; to conform with new legislation and to be inspired by their clients.

IBL has always been at the forefront in developing new and innovative luminaries and as a result, reducing costs to consumers on their energy consumption and ongoing maintenance. Their pledge is and always will be to lead the industry with pioneering low energy lighting, helping to reducing carbon emissions far in excess of current and future legislative requirements. They continue to work with their clients helping them to not only achieve their commitment to the environment but also in maintaining their high standards in designing lighting schemes.

They have paid particular attention to the evolving needs of architectural lighting designers, where new products are designed to increase the scope for innovative fittings utilising the latest lighting technology. They will ensure IBL Lighting comply with both international & EEC directives. IBL Lighting will continue to provide a 10 year product warranty. This underwrites IBL’s commitment to the development of quality architectural lighting products.