Results – Week 5

A second half comeback for Bournemouth and failures to win for Leicester, Liverpool and Crystal Palace mean that we have a winner…

Core’s Last Man Standing winner is Darryl Fulton from Michael Nugent Ltd.

Congratulations Darryl!!

Results – Week 4

Wins for Arsenal, Spurs and West Ham ensure that 6 people remain after week 4. Three people could potentially win it outright next week…

Results – Week 3

A late equaliser conceded by Spurs was the big killer in week 3. Wins for Man City, Man Utd, Newcastle and Chelsea ensure that 8 entries remain.

Results – Week 2

Failure to win for Arsenal, Man City, Bournemouth and Newcastle means that there are only 26 entries left after week 2.

Results – Week 1

Defeat for Chelsea and a draw for Liverpool result in only 33 entries remain after week 1.