An installation up to 10x faster!

Core has created innovative containment modules to dramatically save time on your installation.

This 6 metre-long steel construction is your solution to an installation up to 10x faster!

Our Cable Management Engineer, John Berry, together with our cable support system supplier OBO Bettermann, have designed an innovative solution to dramatically simplify and speed up the installation of containment and cables.

The modules which are load certified, are manufactured and loaded with containment in a configuration specific to your project requirements. They are supplied on a wheeled transport frame and feature open sided brackets. Once on site, they are easily wheeled, lifted and bolted into place providing you with ‘instant’ containment and the means to quickly side load cable.

They are particularly suited to projects with multi-services and straight runs – such as data centres, hospitals and manufacturing facilities – and make the installation process significantly faster, cleaner and more efficient than traditional bracketry whilst eradicating waste!

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