Are you up-to-date with fire safety regulations?

Are you complying with the requirements of BS-5839 and BS-7671?

Electrical installations are the number one cause of fire in buildings. Modern buildings in Ireland and the UK should have active fire safety systems that fulfill three goals:

  • insulate fire compartments to limit the spread of flame, smoke and fumes;
  • protect escape routes to allow safe evacuation from the building and enable fire fighters to safely tackle the fire;
  • maintain the power supply to critical life safety, emergency, evacuation and fire-fighting systems.

Cable management has a major impact on protection against fire, especially for wiring fire alarm systems.

At Core, we actively campaign for a better application of the fire safety regulations. We support consultant engineers and electrical contractors in delivering installations which meet legal requirements without compromising on performance or budget.

We supply a range of fire-rated cable management products to help you be compliant with the latest European, UK and Irish requirements.

Steel cable containment

Technical equipment with function maintenance is required in specific buildings such as hospitals, tower blocks, commercial buildings and tunnels. Core’s product range of practical tried-and-trusted systems can fulfil all the requirements of fire-rated electrical installations.

  • Complete range of cable tray, cable baskets, cable ladders and junction fire boxes
  • All tested to DIN 4102 part 12
  • Function maintenance class E30 (30 minutes) or E90 (90 minutes)
  • Screwless connection – no tool required
  • Simplifies and speeds up the installation of cables on site

Firefly safety clips save lives in the event of a fire

MT Firefly fire clips have been praised by the industry on several occasions this year. 
These cable management fire clips are compatible with mini trunking, the clips are designed to prevent cables from falling in the event of a fire, helping to keep escape routes free and accessible. Read more about Firefly>

Independent testing at Exova Warringtonfire resulted in eight fire safety certificates for Firefly, proving the integrity and reliability of the fire clips. Click to read about it>

Firefly fire clips also won the ‘Industrial Product of the Year’ in the prestigious Electrical Industry Awards 2017. Click to read about it>

Callmaster system

Fire and security by the leading cable management brand in Ireland and the UK.
Marshall-Tufflex (MT) Callmaster mini trunking, conduit and accessory boxes are designed for emergency applications including call points, smoke and heat detectors, panic alarms, warning lights, sounders and emergency stops. Click to see product information>

  • 2 systems available, mini trunking and conduit
  • Mini trunking compatible with Firefly fire safety clips
  • No need for cable glands and shrouds
  • Available with 1 or 2 entries for terminal or through wiring
  • Suitable for single or twin cable runs to each entry
  • Callmaster accessory boxes come complete with both internal pot retainers for mineral insulated (MI) cable and cable clamps included for use with conventional and fire performance cable
  • Compatible for use with MMT2 and MMT3 red or white mini trunking

Cable Catchers

Cable Catchers are designed to elevate trailing cables off the floor, removing potential trip hazards from site.

Cable Catchers

Cable Catcher Hanger

  • Holds up to 9 x 11Ov arctic cables
  • Max load 5kg
  • Hang from scaffolding, cable trays, ceiling grids & other overhead features
  • Space every 2 metres
  • Ideal for holding up temporary lighting
  • Can be screwed to the wall if required

Cable Catcher Patch Grade 2

  • Designed for finished surfaces -plastered / painted walls, drywall & glass
  • Holds up to 6 x 11Ov arctic cables
  • Max load 1kg
  • Stretch off, damage-free adhesive backing
  • Space every 2 metres
  • Can be screwed to the wall if required

LSOH conduit for extreme temperature – Supertube FR Plus

Supertube LSOH

MT Supertube FR Plus is a LS0H, 3-layer heavy gauge conduit that has been specifically formulated to withstand temperatures up to 289˚C. 
Comprising polyethylene internal and external layers over a continuous aluminium tube that provides additional mechanical strength.

  • 20mm and 25mm
  • LS0H conduit with excellent screening performance
  • Suitable for rail, marine and tunnel applications
  • Available in continuous lengths of up to 100 metres meaning fewer fittings per installation
  • Longer lengths also prevent ingress of water
  • Extra security
  • Suitable for in-screed applications
  • Withstands temperatures from –40ºC to +289ºC
  • Nail penetration: MT Supertube FR Plus, complies with requirements for BS 7671, BS 8436 and BS EN 61386

Dry Lining boxes with fire barrier

Dry Lining boxes with fire barrier

This product is an effective fire barrier which protects the cover plate of a socket, switch or light fitting against decrease and disintegration.. 
The Envirograf pads expand in the presence of heat and create an effective fire barrier, avoiding the fire to travel up the cavity into an adjoining room or ceiling. Many different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses available.