It’s school refurb season, the ideal time to try our aluminium and PVC-u trunking systems from Marshall-Tufflex offer speed and ease of installation together with performance and elegant looks.

Aluminium Trunking

Excellent choice of material for education applications, our ranges of Marshall-Tufflex aluminium products include the popular Elegance 110 and Elegance 170, which offer all the physical properties of aluminium – light to handle, attractive profiles, mechanical strength and impact-resistance that is superior to steel.

Elegance 170

Sleek and rounded rectangular dado trunking system with a single cover.
It is deal for use in educational settings where extra mechanical strength and a higher cable capacity is required.

  • 170 x 55mm
  • Suitable for dado and skirting applications
  • C” type section
  • Can be subdivided into 2 or 3 compartments
  • Cat 6, 6a and 7 compliant
  • A range of fabricated fittings
  • Standard silver-grey RAL 9006 powder coat finish or White RAL 9016
  • Adjustable data boxes 32-50mm
  • Screened divider and data boxes

Elegance 110

Small, rectangular, dado trunking system with a single cover.
It is particularly useful for classroom or laboratory supply where extra mechanical strength is necessary.

  • 110 x 55mm
  • Compliant up to Cat 7a
  • Can be subdivided into 2 or 3 compartments
  • Suitable for dado and skirting applications
  • Fully compatible with Marshall-Tufflex flush power and data accessories and standard UK wiring power and accessories
  • Data compliant 25mm and 50mm bend radius

NEW Sterling Curve Aluminium

Sleek, curved, robust and Cat 7A compliant medium sized trunking system with three segregated compartments, ideal for high traffic environments. The adaptable system comes in two profile variations – Profile 1 Dado or Profile 2 Skirting with single piece fittings to suit. Tees and angles are also available but are fabricated. The curved data compartments are designed to stop clutter, avoid dust traps and make cleaning easy.

  • 167 x 50mm
  • Available in Silver Grey as standard
  • 3 segregated compartments
  • Suitable for dado (Profile 1) and skirting (Profile 2) application
  • Single piece moulded polycarbonate Couplers, End Caps, Internal and External Bends
  • Fabricated Flat Tees and Flat Angles
  • Utilises ETB300MMF base and LTL1 cover so all centre compartment fittings from the Sterling Aluminium range are compatible
  • Standard bend radius upto 50mm
  • Adjustable data box 32-40mm

PVC-u Trunking

PVC-U cable containment is an easy to install, very cost effective solution, ideal for education applications and has been more thoroughly researched than almost any other synthetic material.


Completely curved front profile designed with tamper-resistant covers and fittings and flush accessories to enhance the finished appearance. Easy to clean and prohibits surface clutter.

  • 180 x 57mm
  • 1 main compartment and 2 smaller outer compartments
  • Can be subdivided
  • Suitable for dado application
  • Available in antimicrobial Bio option
  • Flush fitting accessories
  • Tamper resistant covers and fittings

Twin 165

Mid-size two-compartment system, designed to offer high capacity for up to Cat 7a data cabling. Ideal for educational environments.

  • 160 x 65mm
  • 2 compartment trunking with 60/40 split
  • Separate cover access to each compartment
  • Suitable for dado application
  • Adjustable bends allow between 85° and 95° to accommodate building tolerances
  • Compliant up to Cat 7a
  • Standard bend radius 25mm

Part M for DDA Compliance

Did you know that it is required by the Building Regulations that face plates differ in colour from their background? 
Coloured accessory boxes provide a different colour frame to contrast against standard white accessories and highlight the position of power sockets and switches. They are offered as part of our standard product range in blue an charcoal, compatible with Marshall-Tufflex’s Odyssey or with other PVC-u and aluminium trunking.

  • Single and double gang coloured boxes for Odyssey trunking
  • Single and double gang data mounting frames for Odyssey trunking
  • Single and double gang coloured with flush plates for PVC-u and aluminium trunking

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